Is there a cost associated with Homebuyer Shop’s services?

  • No, Homebuyer Shop offers this service free to all homebuyer’s nationwide.

What’s the catch? How does Homebuyer Shop earn money?

  • Homebuyer Shop work with a wide range of energy, TV, broadband and insurance suppliers. Our job is to find you the finest products and prices that best suits you. You choose the deal and we arrange the transfer or installation on your behalf. We then get paid a commission from the supplier you choose as a ‘thank you’ for introducing you as a new and valued customer.

Should I not just transfer my existing energy account to my new property?

  • No, it’s always good to have a look at the market before you commit to a new contract. It may well be that the provider that supplied your previous property will be one of the cheapest options and you can simply choose them again, or you may find there are much better options with other suppliers. It’s definitely best to complete a comparison when moving properties.

What happens when my deal is coming to an end? Can I call Homebuyer Shop again?

  • Yes, we always recommend you have a look at the market at every suitable opportunity. Don’t let your tariff run out as you will move on to the standard tariff and that could cost you quite a bit of money!

Do I need a phone line if I only want to access the internet?

  • This depends on where you live. You may be fortunate enough to be in an area where there is fibre cabling so if this is the case, then you will not require a phone line to have broadband installed and you will also receive much faster internet speeds! If you’re not in a fibre area, you will need an active phone line to install broadband. If you do not need to physically use a phone line, we recommend you avoid plugging in a handset to avoid use and extra call costs.

If I am still tied into a TV/Broadband contract, should I just cancel it and get a new one through Homebuyer Shop?

  • No, if you are in a contract we recommend you tell them you’re moving because you will more than likely be charged an early termination fee if you leave before your contract date. If you only have a few months remaining, we recommend you call us and we can see what offers are on the market for you. You don’t need to be a new homebuyer to use the Homebuyer Shop service.