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Who are we?

Homebuyer Shop work closely with estate agents to allow homebuyers to pick the best solutions for all of their needs.

What services do we offer?

We can notify local councils and utility suppliers of new and vacating home owners, ensuring there are no stray bills from previous occupants. Our accredited agents provide a switching service comparing the markets to give new homebuyers the best available choices for energy, broadband, TV and insurance.

What are the benefits for estate agents?

Homebuyer Shop offers a range of benefits for estate agents that include:

  • Save Time – Spend less time on admin and more time on sales.
  • Improved Experience – Homebuyers experience an effortless registration process when moving into their new home.
  • Simplicity – Intuitive software that is simple to use.
  • Productivity – Spend more time selling properties and less time on utility management.
  • Earn Money – Commission can be earned on energy switches, broadband & TV set-ups and insurance.

SULU Software

SULU software is our industry leading utility management platform designed specifically for the property sector. SULU automates the administration tasks that are manually completed during the moving process.

SULU offers a useful commission display, which shows your earnings each time a utility switch has been made.

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